Nappy-headed Hos (Was: "Nappy-headed who'es" redux)

Reinhold (Rey) Aman aman at SONIC.NET
Sun May 20 07:30:12 UTC 2007

Chris F. Waigl wrote:


> James Harbeck wrote:

> > For those wondering about they style of Dr. Aman's web presence,
> > might be useful reading.
> > I wouldn't say it justifies it, but it does indicate that one need
> > not take it personally.
> >
> > I fail to see the utility of rudeness in scholarly discourse, but
> > it might make useful material for a study in pragmatics.

Mr. Harbeck, apparently you are unfamiliar with the rudeness and
nastiness found in much of scholarly discourse.  Read respected
scholars' book reviews for a start.  They don't call their adversaries
and rivals "ignorant assholes" or "stupid motherfuckers," but their
vicious verbal aggression and slashings amount to the same, just at a
higher "register" (as professorial linguists are wont to say).

> > Much discourse, of course, isn't really about what it's "about" so
> > much as it's about some manoeuvring or needs on the part of the
> > speaker.

> > But in my experience with email lists, people who like to flame
> > others aren't worth keeping in the long run. Civilized discourse is
> > more effective, and -- contrary to what many flamers like to say --
> > more honest. Lists that become spittoons for people with personality
> > disorders lose their habitability.

I don't know who you are, so I briefly Googled <"James Harbeck"
+Canada> and found several hits.  You may be that bespectacled
sensitive-looking young chap (which would fit your sensitive nature)
who presents himself as an "editor, writer, designer and photographer"
-- a regular Canadian Renaissance Man.  If that is you, I didn't see
any information about you also being an M.D. specializing in

Which brings me to your phrase, "people with personality disorders."
Are Canadian editors, writers, designers, and photographers also
part-time shrinks who are permitted to publicly make snap judgments
based on a couple of posts and Wikipedia?

Do you consider my bantering with Wilson Gray -- the koolest kat west
of Burkina Faso -- flaming and an indication of a personality disorder?

Now here comes the most amusing part of your comments.  Like every
twit and twat who has bitched about my verbal aggression against fools
and non-clinical morons, you yourself engage in quite nasty verbal
aggression.  (Don't feel bad about it -- I have witnessed this fact
since the 1970s.)  Slyly -- like a woman à la Beverly Olson Flanigan
-- you are accusing me of suffering from a personality disorder and
turning this refined, civility-oozing list into a spittoon.  Nice try,
but I'm polytetrafluoroethylene-coated by now.

So, please remember this next time you are accusing someone of
engaging in verbal aggression or flaming and try not to do so yourself
again, because it makes your accusation hypocritical.

   And Christine "Slim" Waigl chirps:

> Thank you for posting this. I considered for a moment replying to
> Reinhold Aman directly, as his type of post is something I very much
> dislike seeing here.

Tough titties, girl.  (Christ, you are *everywhere*!)

> I had considered before his last post to add a note to his first one
> about disagreeing with his suggestion for a translation of "nappy-
> headed hos" into German. However, this has become moot now: civilised
> discourse about his own contribution has effectively been ended by
> him.

What -- did I say "Hitler"?

One word for you, young lady:  diabetes.

Reinhold (Rey) Aman
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