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All God's chillun got hyphens since the appearance of Cro-Magnon Person.

Post-Freudians know that Dehyphenation equals symbolic Castration. Male Cro-Magnon ancestors (or "descendants" in earlier Inglish: if you must use it, spell it "descendents") must take back their hyphen

Female Cro-Magnon ancestors are entitled to their hyphen as well.  It's Symbolic, i.e. "real," so go for it.


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Hillary Brown wrote:
> Reinhold (Rey) Aman wrote:

> > Just wondering, Bethany: "African-American" above is a compound
> > adjective and thus must be hyphenated.  Is that book's title really
> > without a hyphen?

> The Chicago Manual of Style now recommends that African American
> specifically not be hyphenated as a compound adjective (likewise for
> Asian American, etc.), so as not to convey inferiority in Americanness
> (or something of the sort).

Thank you for your information, Hillary.  Now I remember having read
about that nonsense. (I'm tempted to call it "particularly stupid,"
but we must remain weasely & civil in ADS-L, mustn't we.)

I see -- the folks at the _Chicago Manual_ and the editor/publisher of
the African American [sic] National Biography have caved in to the
politically correct,  social-engineering, "sensitive" (white!)
activists who, by simply deleting the obligatory hyphen, have thereby
eradicated the inferiority felt by African Americans, Italian
Americans, German Americans, and the rest of us who are not "Native
Americans" [sic].  Sick.

Good Lord, this p.c. hyphenectomy really works!  I used to be a
Bavarian-American guy and felt incredibly inferior because of that
oppressive hyphen.  But when I think of myself as a dehyphenated
Bavarian American guy, I'm suddenly feeling superior -- nay! -- I feel
I am a Bavarian American Übermensch!

Reinhold (Rey) Aman

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