Call for Aman's banning

Reinhold (Rey) Aman aman at SONIC.NET
Mon May 21 07:51:53 UTC 2007

Young Scot LaFaive wrote:

[Sloppy poster Scot LaFaive did not indicate the authors of the
excerpts below, herewith supplied by me.  And of course he changed the
Subject line without referring to the original one.  Incompetent and
inconsiderate slobs like him should not be allowed access to scholarly
forums, lists, or newsgroups.]

{Michael Quinion wrote:}

> >> and leave this forum at once and for ever.

{Reinhold Aman responded:}

> > In your dreams.  Michael, Michael, don't you know that the three
> > dumbest things one can do are (1) to publicly *plonk* others,
> > (2) to brag about one's kill file, and especially (3) to tell
> > anyone in newsgroups, lists, and forums/fora to leave?

> I'm not going to call anyone names or berate anyone, so I'll just
> come out and say that we should ban this individual.
> Scot LaFaive

Ban *this*, boy!

But that's the manly kind of talk I like.  Direct, not weaseling in a
womanly way à la elderly Bev.  Yet I experience a creepy feeling
hearing such manly words coming from a guy who wears fancy earrings --
it's sort of oxymoronic and incongruous. It's like a bunch of
nappy-headed who'es (hi, Wilson!) performing scenes from _Beowulf_ in
Old English.

Honestly, folks, this "Ban that Aman bastard!" is getting more and
more amusing and makes me happier than a baby in a barrel of tits.

This "Ban-that-bastard!" brigade was formed by a highly respected
senior scholar, Beverly Olson Flanigan, a post-menopausal Associate
Professor of Linguistics.  As if that were not scary enough, now we
hear Dr. Bev's call to arms parroted by the heaviest gun yet -- a
lightweight graduate student and M.A. candidate in the English Dept of
the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I can't quite figure out why that Project Assistant in the very late
Freddy Cavity's DARE is joining Bev's Brigade and whether he's deluded
enough to believe that his call for banning me is having any influence
on *intelligent* Respected Regulars.

So, my friends and foes, is Scot LaFaive immature, ignorant, priggish,
"sensitive," stupid, suicidal, or what?  Or is he merely trying to
suck up to ADS-L's alpha-(fe)males?

Reinhold (Gamma Rey) Aman
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