Call for Aman's banning

Reinhold (Rey) Aman aman at SONIC.NET
Mon May 21 19:59:10 UTC 2007

Michael Quinion wrote:

> Reinhold Aman wrote:

> > This "Ban-that-bastard!" brigade was formed by a highly respected
> > senior scholar, Beverly Olson Flanigan, a post-menopausal Associate
> > Professor of Linguistics.  As if that were not scary enough, now we
> > hear Dr. Bev's call to arms parroted by the heaviest gun yet -- a
> > lightweight graduate student and M.A. candidate in the English Dept
> > of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

> Let me ask this of members of the list who have so far maintained
> a dignified silence:

Michael, olde chappe:  you are projecting your insufferable stuffiness
onto the other 660-odd subscribers to this list.  Not everyone is as
infuriated by me as you and the other three members of Bev's Brigade
are.  Those with a sound sense of humor and appreciation for wit,
irony, sarcasm, word play, and other verbal goodies are smiling,
grinning, chuckling, chortling, laughing, and perhaps even engaging in
undignified guffawing.

> would you invite an insufferable man to be a guest in your house,
> or, having unwittingly invited him, endure in polite silence
> his invective and insults directed at your other guests?

Well, dear Michael, it looks like *you* are not enduring me in polite
silence but keep making a fool of yourself in this ADS house, which is
not a Victorian salon filled with your kind of dreadfully dreary,
stiff-upper-lip, insufferably dignified, bombastic, pompous prats.
There are *real* people from the Real World in this merry mansion who
no doubt are enjoying my tweaking of twits.

> Would you perhaps put up with him, only resolving privately never
> to invite him again? Or would you show him the door and shut it
> firmly behind him?

Speaking of which, you can bet your last quid that I would never let
an insufferably humo[u]rless and hyper-dignified stuffy chap like you
even get close to the front door of *my* humble abode, La Casa Alegre
del Uncle Maledictus.

Because I respect Jesse, Tom, Kool-Kat Wilson, and my other
intelligent pals in ADS-L, I'll now be returning to lurking mode.  You
see, Michael, people who are suffering from a personality disorder are
at times saner than the most insufferably sane gits like you.  And
please don't bother with more huffing & puffing -- I shan't await your
retort with baited breasts.

Oh, and Dr. Bev, it's time to disband your "Ban-that-bastard!" Brigade
and politely discuss again such thrilling topics as epenthetic
Québécois nasal fricatives and vowel movements in northern Ohio.

Reinhold (Rey) Aman, Ph.D.
Mens sano in corpore insano

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