The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy

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I'll have to experiment in the Boston metro area:  "What flavors of
tonic do you have?"  Or, if there are still soda fountains these
days, "Can you make a cherry tonic for me?"  The respondents will all
undoubtedly be under 21.  Especially during the summer.


At 5/22/2007 02:12 PM, you wrote:
>Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. In the Boston area, I have
>only one local friend, a fifty-ish native of Haverhill, MA, who uses
>*only* "tonic" as his term for a carbonated soft drink.
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>> >So we're walking along, going down side streets from Forbes Ave, looking
>> >for somewhere he can buy something to drink, when we see an old guy
>> >walking along the other side of the street. "Hey!" calls Mike, the
>> >thirsty New Hampshirean (yeah, i know, i know, Nutmegger). "You know
>> >where i can buy a soda?"
>>He ain't a Nutmegger 'lessin' he's from Connecticut.
>>Here in Worcester, the term is "tonic," though I've heard it in vivo
>>only from the same informant, so I think it's dying out.
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