Daiquiri (1910); Southern Lunch Counter Slang (1896) (UNCLASSIFIED)

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> Various items...
> .Any date for "nerd" in the second item?

> _The Reader's Digest - Page 57_
> (http://books.google.com/books?id=jlMQAAAAIAAJ&q=nerd+and+squa
> =ISO-8859-1)
> by Lila Bell Acheson Wallace,  DeWitt Wallace - 1922 and "My,
> how sanitary!" are widely  used expressions of approval. In
> Detroit, someone who once would have  been called a drip or a
> square is now a nerd, ...
> ...

If you replace the date delimiter "1900 - 1958" with "1921-1923", you
still get your example as a search result.  Google books thinks this
comes from 1922.  It doesn't.  Since you can't see enough of the page to
get a real date, this cite can't be dated.

> Does
> Barbara Waldroff's new  book "Word Nerd" define the term?...I
> don't think the last article has been  posted here before.
> ...
Perhaps you mean Barbara Kipfer?  Amazon.com has a book by that name
under the Kipfer byline, but nothing
from Barbara Waldroff.
Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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