The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy

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Yes. The Nehi company became RC Cola in 1955. The company was later bought
by Cadbury-Schweppes. Nehi soda is still on the market, but hard to find.

Orange Crush is still sold too. As is Moxie--this last is made in very
limited quantities, mainly as a novelty drink.

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Nehi?! Cut my legs and call me "shorty"! It's been over a half-century
since I last saw a reference to that particular brand of soda water.
Is it still in existence?


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> Even with a slightly older demographic, Joel, the initial
> reaction could be the same as you'd get trying to get directions,
> nowadays, at a gas station: "Huh?"
> (the other) doug
> May I have a Nehi, please?
> ---
> I'll have to experiment in the Boston metro area:  "What flavors of
> tonic do you have?"  Or, if there are still soda fountains these
> days, "Can you make a cherry tonic for me?"  The respondents will all
> undoubtedly be under 21.  Especially during the summer.
> Joel
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