"basket weaving" revisited

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
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If you search ADS-L using "underwater basket weaving" you'll see that I
antedated the term to 1958.

Sam Clements

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Subject: "basket weaving" revisited

>   In 2003 several ads-l members produced a thread on "basket weaving" and
> "underwater basketweaving"
> (= a ridiculously easy college course).  I'm presently compiling that
> information for a working paper in Comments on Etymology, and due credit
> will of course be given.
>    Barry Popik has a 1950 quote for "Hopi basket weaving", 1952 for just
> "basket weaving" and 1969 for "underwater basketweaving."  Might any of
> the recently available databases (or any other source) contain earlier
> attestations?  Any assistance would be very much appreciated.
> Gerald Cohen
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