"basket weaving" revisited (UNCLASSIFIED)

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>    In 2003 several ads-l members produced a thread on "basket
> weaving" and "underwater basketweaving"
> (= a ridiculously easy college course).  I'm presently
> compiling that information for a working paper in Comments on
> Etymology, and due credit will of course be given.
>     Barry Popik has a 1950 quote for "Hopi basket weaving",
> 1952 for just "basket weaving" and 1969 for "underwater
> basketweaving."  Might any of the recently available
> databases (or any other source) contain earlier attestations?
>  Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

"Adventures of a Rookie in a Florida Camp" by PVT Henry McLemore.
_Dallas Morning News_, 10/25/1943, Sec II p. 2.
"Being a soldier now, I would like to ask those who contribute books to
our libraries to break down once in a while and give a way a book that a
normal person would like to read.  Just because we are dogfaces doesn't
mean that we like to while away our leisure hours reading such gems as
Little Women, Trampin Through the Andes with Mule and Family, Famous
North Dakota Civil Trials, The History of the Steam Engine and the Art
of Raffia Basket Weaving."

Tips for Teen-Agers
The Hartford Courant (1923-1984); Sep 12, 1948; pg. E2 col 3.

"You might get a big bang out of a course in ballroom dancing or basket
weaving, but that's not going to be much help to a fellow who wants to
be a lawyer or to a gal looking forward to a career as a stenographer."
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