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> it goes back at least to my old old paper:
> Note on a phonological hierarchy in English. Linguistic Change and
> Generative Theory, ed. by R. Stockwell & R. Macaulay. Indiana Univ.
> Press (1972) 275-301.
> joan bybee has some more recent very interesting stuff; i need to get
> to my files to find it, though.  hang on.

this literature is actually about schwa-deletion, rather than schwa-
insertion (though as i pointed out in my previous posting, it isn't
always easy to tell these apart).  here's the bybee paper, published
under her (previous) married name:

Hooper, Joan B.  1978.  Constraints on schwa-deletion in American
English.  Fisiak 1978:183-207.

Fisiak, Jacek (ed.).  1978.  Recent developments in historical
phonology.  The Hague: Mouton.


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