"purity ring"

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I can't recall when I first heard of circle jerk, but it was after I'd
heard of round pound, in the early '50's. IAC, I've always assumed
that CJ and RP were the same thing. But I've never quite believed that
such a game actually existed, for the reason that has been noted. As
for someone who would claim to have participated in it or who would
admit to having done so, there's always a dude in the 'hood or in the
Army whose thing it is to come up with stories that gross everyone
else out. I considered it to be a kind of psychological bullying,
since it put pictures into your head that you'd rather not have there.
There's an old R&B song whose singer sings, "I won't stop line till I
create a distoibance in yo' mine." It was that kind of thing.

BTW, thanks, Charlie.


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> And things can get way WORSE, Bill. The college-level version of the circle jerk (according to legend) is this: A fraternity's neophytes are required to stand in a circle facing a pizza on the ground. The "jerking" competition procedes, with the "winner" exempt from then partaking of the pizza--or, in some versions, the last-place finisher must eat the entire pizza. It's all very brotherly! (A variant of the same motif is said to have given the famous musical group Limp Biscuit its name.)
> Yes, why a hasty expression (to adapt Larry's terminology) should be deemed desirable does call for explanation.
> --Charlie
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> >> >"Circle jerk"? That sounds as though it may be a synonym of "roun(d) poun(d)," an um-game in which a bunch of guys sit in a circle and each masturbates the guy to his left. The first one to ejaculate wins. (So I've been told. An Army buddy said that playing this um-game was the way in which he learned to masturbate.}
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> >I've heard of Circle Jerk since late elementary school, but never actually met anyone who participated (or would _admit_ to participating). (And why would speed be desired in such an endeavor?) But like many adolescents, we talked about it a lot.  And you never, EVER, wanted to be named "pivot man" in a CJ.  (Dunno why.  I don't even know what a "pivot man" does.  Just don't want to be him.)
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