CSI: Quebec -- Crack French police unit still pursues English-speaking lawbreakers

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Fri May 25 03:27:05 UTC 2007

>Which reminds me of one of the greatest evidences of the superiority
>of Quebecois culture: poutine (fries with cheese curds and gravy).
>It's popular throughout Canada now. Gravy has always been popular on
>fries in English Canada, but the cheese curds to make it poutine
>really caught on outside of Quebec maybe 20 years ago.
>Meanwhile, in the US, if I ask for gravy with my fries, I get a look
>like the one ....

That must be the wrong part of the US!

Here in Pittsburgh, it may not have any fancy-schmancy French name, but
fries + cheese + gravy is entirely comme il faut. I believe it is
considered acceptable to skip the cheese and have a double portion of gravy
instead, or vice versa. Of course it is automatically super-sized.

In a piece on the local amusement park Kennywood:


<<The food selections at Kennywood are extremely family friendly! From the
famous potato patch fries to the sit down café there are many choices to
choose from. You can find just about anything you are craving in the park.
My recommendations include Patch fries (with gravy and cheese on the side),
Deep Fried Oreos, ....>>

-- Doug Wilson

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