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Sat May 26 20:37:08 UTC 2007

>Alan Chartok, the main man (president, political commentator, overall
>overseer but _not_ CBW) at WAMC Public Radio in Albany NY does the same
>thing on most of his half-hour one-on-ones with politicos. It is _very_
>awkward-sounding, as if he doesn't know whether to be familiar and call
>them by their first name or address them more formally.
>He'll say something like, "Well, Jon Blogs, is it your feeling that black
>is merely white of another color, or..."
>When Chartok does it, the FN+LN style is grating, since he has such a
>strong tendency in his promos to (at least attempt to) give the impression
>that every one he's about to interview is his best bud. And his intros on
>almost every interview sound fawning.
>(the other) doug
My recollection could be faulty, but I think back in Gov. Cuomo days.,  in
Chartok's regular conversations with Cuomo, he addressed him as "Governor."


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