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At 5/26/2007 10:22 PM, James Harbeck wrote:
>You'e not familiar with the term "googly-eyed"? I know I first heard
>that in my youth, and still hear it from time to time. (I admit to
>not recalling seeing the verb in the form you cite.)

Yes I am.  But the OED gives a different etymology for "googly a.  1.
Of eyes: large, round, and staring. Hence googly-eyed a. 1901-" than
it does for cricket's "googly n".

>I wonder if there was any awareness of that term or the verbs you
>cite on the part of the founders of Google, who say that the name was
>based on the number a googol (10^100).

 From Pinter, I have a second image to associate with Google.  Not
merely the large number of useless hits it returns, but also the
curve balls it throws (with its datings of periodical issues_/


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