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Tue May 29 15:14:34 UTC 2007

Answer: If the hat fits...
I don't believe that Nero-like brush-cutter was always the target
of the 'hat' analogy, but how about:
a}  "Brush-cutters are prone to misunderstand desert-dwellers."
b}  "Brush-cutters and desert-dwellers are not analogous."
c}  The devil is _not_ in the brush pile."
         Just coined by
         (the other) doug

Why do y'all always have to bash President Bush?!


>Or "big hat, no cattle."
>  This version is a little more "predictive."
>  JL
>And "all hat, no cattle."
>(the other) doug
>Somewhat analogous to "empty suit."
>". . . he's all cover and no book."
>>I sense that this expression hasn't really taken off, but I'm rooting for
>>-- Bonnie

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