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Don't we have a politician (is it Gore?) who's been recognized -- and ribbed
by the likes of Jon Stewart -- for referring to himself that way?
(the other) doug

For some literary reason, I suppose, O'Brien constantly refers to the
protagonist of _Going After Cacciato_ (1978; rpt. N.Y.: Dell, 1979) as "Paul

  Pp. 25-26: "He...handed the glasses to Paul Berlin....Paul Berlin watched
through the glasses....Paul Berlin watched through the glasses [a second
time]....And the arms kept flapping...Paul Berlin suddenly realized....Paul
Berlin could not hear....So Paul Berlin repeated it."

  These are all in the space of about 700 words and appear to be
representative.  O'Brien is less systematic in _The Things They Carried_,
but frequently uses FN+LN for characters in places where it feels like an

  Both books were widely reviewed bestsellers.


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