Pizza "cut" for "slice"

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Wed May 30 02:22:24 UTC 2007

>It's probably regional, but by no means confned to Ocean City, New Jersey.
>I never heard anyone in Pittsburgh use any word besides "cut" to refer to
>a slice of pizza.

One's personal experience ... even mine (^_^) ... may not always be

I have never, as I recall, heard the noun "cut [of pizza]" (can't guarantee
I haven't ignored it once or twice) until just now on this list. I've lived
in Pittsburgh (suburbs) for 18 years.

Maybe I don't get out enough, though, so I asked a recent university
graduate who grew up in Pittsburgh (suburbs) and spent several years at U.
Pittsburgh (Oakland campus, Pittsburgh city). I suppose the subject of
pizza must come up among the students from time to time, but my informant
does not recall ever encountering "cut" meaning "slice [of pizza]", EXCEPT
sometimes on a pizzeria menu where one might read, say, <<18" pizza (12
cuts)>>. Now that I think of it, I may have seen this too ... but I would
have taken the word "cut" to mean exactly the radial incision rather than a
piece of the pizza.

A native informant who is a current local high school student denies ever
hearing this "cut [of pizza]" in any context.

Of two older local natives, one recognizes "cut of pizza", the other does
not. Both give "slice" as the more usual word.

Quick Google for <<"pizza by the cut" pittsburgh>> turns up 6 hits, one of
which is at the Web-site of a restaurant near my home. OTOH, <<"pizza by
the slice" pittsburgh>> turns up 579 hits. A few other analogous searches
get similar results.

In short: this "cut" is used around these parts, but it appears to be very
much less prevalent than "slice". Perhaps it's different in certain
neighborhoods or among certain groups.

-- Doug Wilson

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