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Wed May 30 12:34:27 UTC 2007

>From many years' living in England, I can attest to the appearance of a glottal stop almost anywhere in a word, a phenomenon that started in Estuary English and has spread to the West End.  But my comments on didn't were restricted to American English.
  Laurence Urdang

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On 5/29/07, James Harbeck wrote:
> I've heard "dId at nt" maybe once or twice, maybe. "dIdInt" in emphatic
> use seems normal enough to me. The most interesting version was a
> BE-styled emphatic from a character in an episode of _Law & Order_:
> "dI'Int" (apostrophe for glottal stop). Is this being heard much by
> those who listen in those circles? It's foreign to me.

Check the archives for a long thread on the topic in Nov. '04...

--Ben Zimmer

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