"Ima Hogg" redux

James Harbeck jharbeck at SYMPATICO.CA
Thu May 31 14:40:29 UTC 2007

Where I work, we have some content that has been written by a woman
with the last name of Sowerbutt. How does one come to have such a
name, anyway?

I, too, knew a Michael Hunt, and he was a Catholic priest; he never
went by Mike. I also knew of a dentist named Dr. Payne. And someone
told me of friends of theirs, the Cokes, who named their son Ryan.
(Is rye and Coke drunk in the US?)

My latest favourite, however, is a friend who had a son named Sam,
and then had a daughter and named her Ella. And it never occurred to
them until the certificates were all done up and someone pointed it
out to them that their kids, taken together, were a form of food

James Harbeck.

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