"Ima Hogg" redux

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How could I have forgotten Dr. Asman, our Louisville KY family proctologist?


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>Where I work, we have some content that has been written by a woman
>with the last name of Sowerbutt. How does one come to have such a
>name, anyway?
>I, too, knew a Michael Hunt, and he was a Catholic priest; he never
>went by Mike. I also knew of a dentist named Dr. Payne. And someone
>told me of friends of theirs, the Cokes, who named their son Ryan.
>(Is rye and Coke drunk in the US?)
>My latest favourite, however, is a friend who had a son named Sam,
>and then had a daughter and named her Ella. And it never occurred to
>them until the certificates were all done up and someone pointed it
>out to them that their kids, taken together, were a form of food
>James Harbeck.
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