Bee Season: The annual spelling bee brings out protesters as well as nerds

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Thu May 31 16:29:56 UTC 2007

>Perhaps if the subject lines had [ADS-L] inserted at the beginning,
>that would make it clearer for all these poor confused souls that all
>the emails they're getting are from one list, and maybe they would
>remember subscribing to it. Other lists I'm on have that feature --
>it also makes sorting emails a little easier.

>James Harbeck.
This (ADS-L in the subject line) came up a few months ago.  I was relieved
that it went nowhere, since for me , far from making the file easier to
sort, it means having to go in and remove the "ADS-L" from the subject if I
want to aggregate the posts on any paticular thread.  Ron Butters'  posts
all come labelled that way & end  up in their own corner regardless of real
subject, until I erase the offending label.  The mail filter can take the
ADS-L from other parts of the heading to send all ADS-L posts to one
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