CORRECTION Re: [ADS-L] new antedating of hydrant (1800)

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sat Sep 1 11:32:43 UTC 2007

At 9/1/2007 04:27 AM, Stephen Goranson wrote:
>No, no, no, fooled by google again! 1900

My valve is relieved.

P.S;  I generally only write "1900" on checks in February.  For some
reason, I manage to remember the new year through January.

>Quoting Stephen Goranson <goranson at DUKE.EDU>:
>>Here's slightly earlier:
>>"in operation the pipe 13 is designed to be attached to a hydrant or other
>>of water under pressure. Then as the hose is drawn off the reel will be ..."
>>HOSE-REEL, US Pat. 659996 - Filed Feb 12, 1800 (Google Patents)
>>Stephen Goranson
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