one-time "whenever", live

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Sep 2 03:08:57 UTC 2007

>Just listening to Red Sox 22-year-old rookie "phenom" [that's
>PHEE-nom] Clay Buchholz in his post-game interview after throwing a
>no-hitter in his second appearance in the major leagues.  He was
>asked about a great play behind him by second baseman Dustin Pedroia
>who took away what looked like a sure hit in the seventh inning and
>he responded along the lines of
>"Yeah, whenever he made that play I knew I had a shot [at the no-hitter]."
>Not surprisingly, he sounds Southern (to me), and sure enough his bio
>lists him as born in Nedarland, TX and as having attended Angelina
>JC, also in Texas.
>I've read about (and even written about) episodic "whatever"...

I meant "whenever" here, as above, not "whatever".  Whatever.

I'm not sure where the isogloss actually is.  I recall it being in
the Smoky Mountains compendium of Michael Montgomery and other
inventories of southern and mountain speech, and Doug's comment on
Pittsburgh would extend it northward, but I'm not clear on where it
*can't* occur (other than the echt northeast and coastal California).


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