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Stephen, I think you meant to send this to David.

  Interesting though!


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Quoting Barnhart :

> "Then Mr. Moody hasn't advanced very far?" was asked.
> "Well," replied Mr. Savage, "Mr. Moody represents the worst and crudest
> form of old-time religion."
> "Isn't this belief of Mr. Moody in keeping with the Bible?"
> _The New York Times_, 12/13/1892
> Earlier??
> Regards,
> David


Gale 19th century US newspapers (I'm on a free trial mentioned onlist
some weeks
ago) lists 20 hits up to 1891. the earliest:

Effect of Religious Controversies Progress of Free Inquiry (News)
Boston Investigator (Boston, MA) Wednesday, March 01, 1871; pg.
348; Issue
44; col A
"Religious controversy, inducing as it has a spirit of free inquiry and
examination, has nearly proved an extinguisher to the old-time religion, and
thus contributed to hasten the advent and prevalence of Liberalism."

And at least a couple of the returns at Google Books full view are genuine, as


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