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OED has 1839 for sense 1, the matches, and 1837 for sense 2, the political
group, but with a note that "The name was given in 1835" and citation
of a 1842
foundation myth account involving the matches.

Barry on this list 6 Dec 2005 properly (since it predates the known party)
questioned the supposed date of Nov 30, 1833 for a [Boston] Liberator
text with
"Loco Focoism," though it's on his website without a question mark.
Gale 19th C
Newspapers gives that text as Nov 30, 1838.

 From the same database, an ad announces new arrival of the matches in 1835.
United States? Telegraph, (Washington, DC) Friday, September 25, 1835; pg.
1019; Issue 255; col C     Multiple Classified Advertisements

A New article for lighting Segars, &c. just
received by TODD & CO.
Sept 24-6t

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