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And let's not forget the immortal words of Sean Connery in "Finding
Forrester": "You're the man now, dog!" which apparently is now the title
(through initialism) of some online community, according to Wikipedia


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>And in the case of Snoop DD, I assume the moniker also  alludes to the
>proverbial misanalysis (which I have seen more than once in student
>writing) "It's a doggy dog world."
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> >Note also the many hiphop monikers using "Dog(g)" or "Dawg": Phife Dawg,
>Tim Dog, Sen Dog, Nate Dogg, and of course Snoop (Doggy) Dogg. In Snoop's
>case, at least, the canine self-identification was an homage to George
>Clinton's 1982 hit "Atomic Dog", as made explicit in "Who Am I (What's My
>Name)" from Snoop's 1993 debut album.
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> >--Ben Zimmer
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