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>At 9/4/2007 04:56 PM, you wrote:
>>  I can remember being exasperated by some radio announcer's blithely saying
>>"It'll be twice as cold tonight (meaning -4šF instead of -2šF) as last
>>night.".....as if cold were a quantifiable substance.  But that was years
>>ago & many other exasperations have intervened & smothered it!
>As I wrote earlier, cold is a quantifiable
>substance -- if one is talking Kelvin.
I don't think the arbitrary application of a scale to a quality makes it a
quantifiable substance.  The degrees of the scale are quantities, but cold
is not.  You (probably) wouldn't say  20š Kelvin is twice as cold as 40šK,
would you?  For one thing, you'd have to have some upper point at which
"cold" begins, where "warm" ends.

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