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OED has 1846 for euchre, n.

1841 Daily National Intelligencer, (Washington, DC) Thursday, September 16,
1841; Issue 8918; page 3 col B     A Sketch of an Adventure on the Juniata
Canal A. L. D..
Category: News. From the Kanawha Patriot:
An occasional game of whist, euchre, or pochre...are the amusements
generally in
vogue with canal passengers.

1842 Milwaukie Sentinel, (Milwaukee, WI) Saturday, February 19, 1842; Issue
18/22; page 1 col D     Miscellany A Pack of Cards Category: Editorial
 From the New Orleans Crescent City:
But as it may be useless to disturb the peace of "old settlers" (who. gray
headed and full stomached, _mill_ [sic: will?] have their bottle of wine, and
their games of "whist," "cribbage," "encarte," or "euchre,") with the hope of
abolishing them, we will address young people, who are recently married and
settled into life.

1845 The Cleveland Herald, (Cleveland, OH) Thursday, May 15, 1845; Issue 276;
page 2 col D   The Gamester Category: News:
At the time of the earthquake, in 1811, Major K, was amusing himself in a game
of euchre, in which he delighted to indulge, with some of his friends. the
shock at thei moment was so severe as to cause his friends to spring to their
feet and make for the door. "Play out the hand--play ut the hand," said the

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