Yale hot dog story (April 1899)

Barry Popik bapopik at GMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 5 20:52:44 UTC 2007

Yes, there is an 1893 "hot dog" citation. As the Gerald Cohen & Barry Popik
monograph documents in exhaustive detail, the alleged dog-based ingredients
of a sausage were celebrated since at least the 1830s.
However, it was the "dog wagon," in particular William J. Adams' (Billy's)
Yale Kennel Club, that really made "hot dog" the name it is today. This 1899
article begins: "Dog wagons are indigenous to New Haven."
I've written to the Yale Daily News with documented proof that Louis Lassen
didn't invent the "hamburger" in 1900 (as the 2007 YDN article stated). My
letter wasn't published. I wouldn't possibly want the YDN or any Yale
publication to go out a limb by publishing anything at all on the documented
"hot dog" origins at Yale.

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