How do I see my own postings?

Dave Hause dwhause at JOBE.NET
Thu Sep 6 02:50:28 UTC 2007

And for the full set of commands that listserv will do, send the command
"INFO REFCARD" for a comprehensive
reference card, or just INFO for a list of available documentation files to
listserv at
Dave Hause, dwhause at
Waynesville, MO
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From: "Jesse Sheidlower" <jester at PANIX.COM>
Subject: Re: How do I see my own postings?

> Someone once sent me instructions on how to have my own posts sent back to
> me when they go out to the rest of the list.  I did what I was told, and
> it
> worked for a while, but no longer.  And I no longer have the
> instructions.  Can
> anyone help me with this?

You send the command


to listserv at

Jesse Sheidlower

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