Another one bites the dust?

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Well, you'd think that, if a random graduate of an academic backwater
- as it was once described by a UC Berkeley alumna with whom I
foolishly tried to commiserate after she whined, as so many bleepheads
do, "Well, that's not the way they do it where I come from!" - like UC
Davis can learn the distinctions, you'd think that any random Harvard
grad could also learn them, motivated by nothing more than idle


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>         I think the avoidance of the masc./fem./plural issue is quite
> conscious.  I recall that at my own alma mater there was a certain
> amount of chagrin that the respective Latin and English pronunciations
> of alumni and alumnae are homophones, as are their respective English
> and Latin pronunciations.  It sounds confusing even to describe the
> problem.
> John Baker
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> The growing favorite seems to be "alum," with the plural "alums."  This
> avoids the masc./fem./plural issue, though probably not consciously.
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