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Guess Chicagoans would have a problem in Washington state too, with its NW
Indian names, including:
Skagit Island

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These pronunciations are no problem for us Minnesotans; we have an
abundance of Native Indian place names ourselves (Ojibwe and Dakota Sioux).

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>The below from the Chicago Tribune
>Learn to speak Wisconsin
>Posted by Toni Salama at 8 a.m. CDT
>Some Wisconsin place names are downright intimidating. If they're not
>out-and-out tongue-twisters, their spelling can stump even the most
>lingually gifted among us.
>I guess you have to expect that in a state whose very name, Wisconsin, is
>the English spelling of a French version of an Indian name for the river
>that runs through the center of the state.
>To the rescue comes MissPronouncer.com, where a click on Wisconsin place
>names is rewarded with audio of the correct pronunciation.
>Among the trickiest problems solved:
>Prairie du Chien
>St. Nazianz
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