NewspaperArchive problems; O.T. I give Google free advertising?

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Sat Sep 8 22:27:07 UTC 2007

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> ...
> Google has opened up a huge office in the Chelsea section of New York
> City.
> Google needs to staff it. Where else to look but on New York City blogs?
> ...
> On both sides of my website's pages, I'm seeing "Google is looking for
> people with big aspirations."
> ...
> I'm guessing that a lot of people hit these Google employment ads, and I'm
> guessing that I don't get paid for any of it through Google Adsense.
> ...
> I make $5 a day, and I have to subsidize a billion-dollar company with
> free
> ads?

Old joke:  "Well, we've already established what you are, now we're just
haggling over the price."

And, yep to your observation about N'archive.  Sucks.  But, stick around,
they change things about every day, sometimes for the good, sometimes the

Sam Clements

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