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>From the point of view of ultrconservatism, the devaluing of a monolingual English-speaking society is indeed as culturally heretical as the valuing of the other three items in the list. Why is Dennis surprised at the inclusion?

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In today's State News, The Michigan State student newspaper,
columnist Nate Sherman opines

"Leftists have tried fervently since the 1960s to subvert American
culture by promoting cultural heresies, which really only amount to a
form of subversion. These cultural heresies include but are not
limited to: Radical feminism, sexual deviancy, multilingualism and

Now you damned multilinguals out there know where you belong. You are
known by the company you keep. We're watching you!

It should be the chief aim of a university professor to exhibit
himself [sic] in his own true character - that is, as an ignorant man
thinking, actively utilizing his small share of knowledge. Alfred
North Whitehead

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