bunny hug (bunny-hug)

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"Bunny hug" has been in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary since 1998,
marked as being special to Saskatchewan but with no etymology given.
The term is not in the Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical
Principles (1967). You might ask the team working on the second
edition about it:


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On Sep 13, 2007, at 07:06, Sarah Lang wrote:

> While this list has discussed this term before, I do not think that
> its Sask, CND (in particular) meaning, usage, or origin have been.
> A "bunny-hug" is a "hoodie" (or hooded sweater, etc.)--the two terms
> are interchangeable for both men and women. Unlike Vico (SK slang for
> chocolate milk)--I cannot find any information on its origin (or why
> the term is very rarely heard outside SK).
> I put "bunny hug" before the group.
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