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At 10:07 PM -0400 9/14/07, Wilson Gray wrote:
>"Good bread and green cheese is good English and [supposedly] good Fries."
>I've read little Fries and heard even less, but it's enough to make me
>doubt the validity of this saying - or writing, since I've never heard
>anyone say it - in any of its various permutations.

Ah, so you're calling this an old linguist's tale?  The reference,
for anyone who needs a hint, is not to either Charles C. or Peter
Fries of Michigan fame (nor to the late lamented Frieze Hall), but to
the dictum designed to prove how closely related English and Frisian
(a.k.a. Fries(e), Fris) are.  The usual web resources suggest that
the appropriate Fries spelling would be more like

Good butter en green tzieze
is good English en good Friese.

But Wilson, why would you expect anyone to say it in the normal
course of events--how often do you happen to encounter Frisian
speakers recommending or warning you off particular dairy products?


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>>  >Can someone tell me how Charles Fries pronounced his last name?
>>Is it /i/ or
>>  >/ay/?
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