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>> More vague musing than a serious proposal, but there might could be
>> something to it: Could "redact" specializing into "*removal* through
>> editing" be the result of a sort of what might be called an "eggcorn
>> effect" (i.e., "redact" sounds sorta like "reduct", so they must be
>> related)?

> Or, as someone else may have once said,

> From: Laurence Horn <laurence.horn at YALE.EDU>

> In context, of course, redaction could involve deletion or
> elimination, but that doesn't (or at least didn't use(d) to) follow
> from the meaning of the lexical item.  I wonder if the tendency to
> restrict "redaction" to contexts of abridgment or elimination is
> influenced by the resemblance to "reduction".

Ah, the perils of receiving ADS-L in digest form! :-/

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