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Mon Sep 17 01:11:10 UTC 2007

The New York Times is running a series of interviews with 17-year-olds
in the metropolitan area. This is from David Helene of Cobble Hill,

I don't think Brooklyn slang is that different from Manhattan slang.
But I'm not used to a lot of the slang my friends use. Months ago, I
first heard, "There are mad heads here." I was like, "Where did that
come from?" For a while they were saying, "That's type funny." I was
like: "What? What do you mean by that?" It means "very funny." Or they
were like, "That's dumb stupid." I'm like, "That's redundant."

Urbandictionary helps out with these:

a lot of people in one place at a time.
wow, theres MAD HEADS at this party
it's another word for quite, or another word to say that something was
for example: Madd funny. But insted of saying madd use type. so it was
TYPE FUNNY! But you cannot say it was so type funny because it
defeates the purpose.
That was Type funny
yo that dude was Type fine
she was Type ugly
extreemly. A New York form of slang.
"It's dumb cold out there. You better put on a coat." "Damn that's
dumb expensive."

--Ben Zimmer

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