antedating (slavery-related) peculiar institutions (1829)

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ads-l archives has 1833

(There are many earlier uses of "peculiar institution{s)," some of them
political, some not, perhaps some of them including slavery and other

Carolina Observer, (Fayetteville, NC) [Thursday], [January 01, 1829]; Issue
[604]; page 1, col D. [19th C US Newspapers]
     South Carolina
PROTEST [against Taiff and the Federal Government, passed by the General
8. Finally, because South Carolina, from her climate, situation, and peculiar
institutions, is and must forever continue to be, wholly dependent upon
agriculture and commerce, not only for her prosperity, and for her very
existence as a state--because the abundant and valuable products of her
soil--the blessings by which Divine Providence seems to have designed to
compensate for the great disadvantages under which she suffers in other
respects--are among the very few that can be cultivated by any profit by slave
labor--and if by the loss of foreign commerce....

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