The living will envy the dead (UNCLASSIFIED)

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I found one more.  This one is the first use of the sentiment that I can
find that is in the context of a nuclear holocaust.

Atomic Energy--For Better or for Worse
Oliver Schule Loud
_Phylon_ (1940-1956) > Vol. 9, No. 1 (1st Qtr., 1948), pp. 36-48 (quote
from p. 46)
"The survivors will envy the dead as the fabrics of economies and social
orders disintegrate."

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> From the YBQ:
> Nikita Khrushchev
> [of nuclear war]  The living will envy the dead.
> Attributed in _Harper's_, Aug. 1979.  According to
> _Respectfully Quoted_, ed. Suzy Platt, "no form of this
> quotation has been verified in the speeches or writings of
> Khrushchev."  A similar line appears in Herman Kahn, _On
> Thermonuclear War_ (1961).
> Stephan Zweig, _Jeremiah, a Drama in Nine Scenes_ (trans.
> from German by Eden and Cedar Paul) New York: Thomas Seltzer,
> 1922.  p. 171 "Better, far better, is darkness, for the hour
> is at hand in Israel when the living will envy the deat, and
> when those that wake will envy the sleepers."
> James Stephen, _The Dangers of the Country_, Philadelphia:
> Samuel F Bradford 1807. p. 23 "But it would be unfair to
> reckon this among the aggravations of our fate; for scenes
> would soon ensue, which would make the living envy the dead
> their peace, as well as their glory."
> Igor Gouzenko, _The Fall of a Titan_ (trans by Mervyn Black) New York:
> Norton, 1954. p. 44.
> "Wasn't I right, Piotr Lukich, when I told you that the time
> was coming about which it is written:  'The living will envy
> the dead!' "
>  Norman Thomas, _The Prerequisites for Peace_ New York:  Norton, 1959.
> p. 13.
> "Survivors of thermonuclear war, if such there are, will envy
> the dead."
> Edward Alfred D'Alton, _History of Ireland: From the Earliest
> Times to the Present Day_ Ireland: Gresham, 1910. p.  203 "In
> the midst of such horrors the living began to envy the dead,
> for they had ceased to suffer while the living had their
> sufferings still to go through."
> "U. S. URGED TO SPUR U. N. LEBANON MOVE" _New York Times_
> Jul 3, 1958; pg. 6 "Another speaker here today was Norman
> Thomas, Socialist leader and six-time candidate for
> President.  Mr. Thomas warned that any survivors in a nuclear
> war "would envy the dead." "
> ; Jul 20, 1963; pg. 2 " ' And do you know that if all the
> warheads of the nuclear rockets were set off and if all this
> were to go into the contamination of the atmosphere, then it
> is not known what would be the fate of the people who would
> survive.  Wouldn't possibly the living envy the dead?'" [from
> a Jul 19 Moscow speech, addressing the Chinese]
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