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Main Entry: 1soph·o·more
Pronunciation: 'säf-"mor also 'sof- or 'sä-f&- or 'so-f&-
and the speaker says ~saafmor (~ = truespel) which is the first notation above

To me this is an awe-dropping mispronunciation.  To me the pronunciation has always been ~saufmor (the second notation above).   In UK I assume it would be ~saufmau.  UK folks tend to foespel "more" as ~maur, and then they tend to drop the ~r when they speak it.

If you listen to the word "awe" on it's pronounced "ah".  The folks doing this are dropping the sound "awe" completely from their foenubet (list of sounds in a language).  This makes USA different from other English speaking nations.  Not good.  The language should be coming together not moving apart.  Sounds should be included not excluded.  The text strings "au" and "aw" and "all" need be preserved as "awe" sounds.  We need a "save the awe sound society>"

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> Do all of you who distinguish /a/ and 'open o' (cot vs. caught) have the
> former vowel in 'sophomore'? I'd expect some speakers to have 'open o' here
> by analogy to other pre-/f/ words (e.g. off, soft).
> -Matt
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