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I think Pres. Bush's biggest pronunciation nuance is "spellsaying" (saying a letter or letter string in the usual pronunciation for that letter or string) the ending letter "s" for plurals as ~s and none as ~z.  Most would be ~z. I think.

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> Don't know what details CNBC described, but I've frequently heard
> Bush use contrasting pronunciations of the word "war". He switches
> between pronouncing it as "wore", and pronouncing it to rhyme with
> "far".
> I consider the former the more std, more ubiqitous pronunciation; I
> associate the latter with parts of the midwest & Texas.
> (Corrections/more info welcome.)
> But I'm also curious about what CNBC described.
> DD
> Missourian in NYC
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>>I didn't watch or listen to the president's press conference
>>yesterday (I'm not a masochist!). But late last night I heard a
>>commentator on CNBC talking about it. He noted that, at one
>>particularly tense moment, Bush lost his infamous emulation of
>>TexSpeak and reverted to his native New England dialect. I wonder
>>what details the commentator was observing, phonologically speaking?
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