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What does "black enough" have to do with it? Surely "fuck over" is common English slang --without regard to race? There is nothing whatever remarkable about this expression that I can see. Cf. "look over" etc. Wilson seems merely to be reporting on his personal, idiosyncratic taste. Or is his "dialect" widely shared--and limited to AAVE?

I have no trouble with, say, "They tried to fuck the government over." It may be that Wilson's example feels a little awkward because it is directly followed by a restrictive relative clause.

Moreover, it is in fact not only possible but actually obligatory to have "fuck NP over" where NP = a pronoun (as in "Don't fuck me over").

Wilson Gray wrote:

Lest the point be missed, for those of us old enough (and/or black enough?), ... [fuck NP over] is absolutely *not* a viable or a grammatical
alternative to [fuck over NP]. Unless, of course, you speak a
different dialect.
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