an early "take care of your Ps and Qs" (1782)

Stephen Goranson goranson at DUKE.EDU
Mon Sep 24 12:31:38 UTC 2007

The Candidate: A Farce in Two Acts, as it is Performed ...
By John Dent (The Second Edition; London, 1782) (Google Books full text,
including title page and running heads) page 5, Act I, Scene II:
Negus. Well, mind your hits, and all our turns may be served. These contested
elections are the very spirit of the Constitution, and make every thing
full of
life and vigour. Now, be sure, d'ye hear? that you are, all of you, very civil
and attentive, and don't stand upon throwing in three or four dozens of bows
extraordinary; Sir Gregory is a very rich and worthy man, tho' a little proud,
or so, but no matter for that, take care of your Ps and Qs, and this
affair may
put something handsome in your pockets.

Stephen Goranson

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