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Evidently, Jonas Bronck was Danish by ancestry.  However, this seems to be
less important  than one might think.  The Dutch of New Netherlands and
New Amsterdam were quite receptive to just about anybody settling in their
midst.  Dutch was not the only language in New Amesterdam.  English was
widely used before Dutch surrendered their hegemony over the Hudson Valley
and New Jersey.


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 Frisians in Early New York:
Tens of thousands of motorists enter Manhattan daily over the Third Avenue
Bridge or leave it over the Wills Avenue Bridge. Very few of them are
aware of the fact that they are crossing the site of the first European
settlement north of the Harlem River. It is also the site of Jonas
Bronck’s farm, which he named Emmaus, after the village where, according
to the Bible, the risen Christ first appeared to His disciples. The
farm-house, east of the Third Avenue Bridge at the foot of Lincoln Avenue,
bore the Bronck family motto, "Yield not to evil."

Jonas Bronck was a remarkable man. The son of a Danish Lutheran pastor, he
was born in Copenhagen but spent most of his youth in the Faroe Islands,
to which his father had been transferred. Later Jonas became influential
in shipping circles in Holland, and was able to acquire ownership of a
shipping vessel.


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