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> I'm almost certain it's not from "(Invasion of) the Body
> Snatchers", at least
> not the book or first film adaptation. I read the novel and
> screenplay (and
> horrible "fotonovella" tie-in) and watched the film recently while
> doing
> research into the origin of "pod person" (summary of my findings:
> they didn't
> use it), and I don't recall reading/hearing "who are you and"
> etc.). Plus, I
> can't think of any scenes where it would have made sense to say it.
> Jeff Prucher

chris waigl found a small flurry of cites in 1997/98, several listing
the film Ever After (1998) as the source of the quote.  it's
definitely in that film.

chris and i both suspect that this might be a secondary spread of an
existing snowclone.


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