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> > chris waigl found a small flurry of cites in 1997/98, several listing
> > the film Ever After (1998) as the source of the quote.  it's
> > definitely in that film.
> >
> > chris and i both suspect that this might be a secondary spread of an
> > existing snowclone.
> Google Books (apparently) has this from a 1995 "Sweet Valley Twins" book:
> "Deadly Voyage" by Francine Pascal in the form "Who are you, and what have you
> done with the real Jessica?"  The snippet part is lacking the full quote, but
> searching for "who are you and what have you done" before 1997 will turn it up
> and give a little context. This definitely supports your secondary-spread
> suspicion.
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A Googja search of newsgroup archives [<http://tinyurl.com/33scmq>]
shows a post in rec.motorcycles that dates back to 23 Jan 1990.


"Who are you really ? And what have you done with Ross Alexander ? "

There are loads of instances of the "who are you" "what have you done"
in some of which the "who" is obviously not looking like the missing
person and ones (such as above) where the comment is made because Ross
Alexander is acting out of character.


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