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> of course.  but we're trying to find the first uses of the
> catchphrase.  if we go looking for the sequence "Who are you?  (And)
> what have you done with X?", we could probably find literal uses of
> this wording, or equivalent wordings, dating back to Old English.

Here's another, earlier than the Googja reference I gave earlier:

HOLD ME! Jules Feiffer. 1977 (p43) [from books.google.com]

"... when I took 500 mg. of diphetocaine which made me alert at
bedtime when Joey discussed his day at the office -- after which I
took 750 mg. of osculavenol and slept soundly through the night. This
morning I work up, dragged myself to the bathroom -- and found that I
was out of everything. When Joey came down for breakfast he screamed:
'Who are you and what have you done with Dorothy?'"


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