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No, no.  I haven't rejected anything and am happy to have everything.  I read your email after sending mine and didn't see any point in cluttering up the airways with additional comment on the same subject that would add little.
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At 9/25/2007 10:43 AM, Laurence Urdang wrote:
>I have checked my extensive citations for the Historical Nautical
>Dictionary and can report none earlier than Lighter's, for which I am grateful.

Laurance, have you rejected the earlier citations I reported? Or is
"flying jib boom" not "jib boom" but "boom for flying jib"?

I wrote:
>Since I had found "flying jib" in a 1736 Boston newspaper (not yet
>submitted to OED), I just checked Early American Newspapers.
>American Weekly Mercury, Feb. 11, 1723/4, page 4, probably col
>1: "... during which Time they plundered the said Sloop and took of
>her Cargo as follows. Flying Jib, Flying Jib Boom, Flying Jib and
>Main Halliards, ... and several other things which the said Pirates
>thought fit..."


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