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1834 The editor of the Courier has profitted by the suggestion of his Troy
neighbor of the Patriot, and with a proper show of feeling accuses the editor
of the Statesman of having been turned out of the Hall of the House of
Representatives by the Tories (News) [19th C US Newspapers]
      New-Hampshire Statesman and State Journal (Concord, NH) Saturday, August
02, 1834; Issue 12; page 3, col B.
....Will the editor of the Courier explain this black affair. We want no
equivocation--'face the music' this time--Gove and Barton are able backers.

1838  New-Hampshire Statesman and State Journal, (Concord, NH) Saturday,
February 17, 1838; Issue 41; page 3, col B. [19th C US N]
     Suppression of Documents by Stinson?s Bondsmen Vox Populi.
Category: News
....Face the music, Governor!

1838 New-Hampshire Statesman and State Journal, (Concord, NH) Saturday, March
10, 1838; Issue 44; page 2, col A   Multiple News Items Category: News [19th C
....Uncle Sam has to face the music; while if the loss falls upon their
opponents, it touches their cold victuals.

1838 Dover Gazette & Strafford Advertiser, (Dover, NH) Tuesday, November 20,
1838; Issue 52; [page 1?-- Browse list not working; the page includes
the paper
name and date in upper right and no page no.], col A
     The editor of the Enquirer says he has conclded [sic] the
publication of Mr
Bonds Speech Category: News [19th C US N]
....We like to have men come "up to the chalk"--face the music, George.

faced  the music:
1836 The Herald, (New York, NY) Tuesday, March 29, 1836; Issue 17; page
4,col A
     Boston Police Category: News [19th C US N]
....The court appeared to be somewhat struck with the sublime
indifference with
which he faced the music, or rather the fire of the witnesses, and
asked him if
he did not wish to question them.

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